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Curbless Shower Pans, Heated Floors, XL Size!

What’s trending now can be incorporated into the design of any bathroom, kitchen, or floor! Like Subway Tile, it’s a classic that’s back & reinvented.

Dickie Tile takes the time to monitor & learn the new trends in ‘Home Building & Décor’. We learn what’s cool & cutting-edge in the field so we can bring it to you.

Choose to walk in & out of your shower with ease; consider upgrading to a curbless shower pan.

Never step out of your shower onto a cool bathroom floor again; upgrade to a heated floor throughout your bathroom. We can even install heated laminate and floating engineered wood floors.

The ‘Big Thing’ & the ‘Next Big Thing’ are here & we install them!
Rediscover subway tile, and see how it’s changed: new sizes, beveled edges, new colors, new materials like metallic & glass. We use custom blades and specialized cutting techniques to give you a smooth, clean edge every time. Maybe XL Tile is the style for you. Again, we use specialized setting techniques to ensure a strong solid bond, and setting materials to minimizing lippage.

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