Make old tile look new again and revitalize a room with a deep clean and grout dye or seal!
We recommend that you seal all natural stone, marble, and grout. Sealing your materials protect them from stains and chemical discoloration. The initial seal should be applied 72 hours after installation, and then reapplied annually for the duration of your floor, backsplash, or bathroom. High traffic or pet areas may need sealing more frequently.
Applying the sealant is not a hard process, but it can be tedious, and must be thorough. We recommend you have your tile installer do the initial sealing, and possibly future seals as necessary. Once you’ve seen the process performed a couple of times, you should be ready to maintain it yourself. Of course, if you’re short on time or elbow grease, you can always call your installer to do this for you. Schedule it right before the Holidays. You get a brand-new look again to welcome your holiday guests; the installer gets a small fee to help get through a naturally slow time of year in his business.
After your tile is sealed, you only need to sweep or dust. You can also wipe with 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water when needed! That’s the entire cleaning process, and that’s how you clean everything including: ceramic or porcelain tile, natural stone, marble & grout!
Tile, Natural Stone & Marble have the potential to last a lifetime, but after a few years go by, your rooms may be looking a little run down. Dickie Tile offers a restoration process to peel the year back and make your rooms look like new. We offer a deep cleaning process that uses a light acidic solution to dissolve the stuck on layer of heavy use from your tile, and eats deep into the porous grout removing stains, mold and dirt. Heavy staining and discoloring of your existing grout may require a second step, grout dye. After the surface is clean, we can apply a grout dye to make every joint a clean and consistent color. If you need further maintenance, we have other services to offer on a per case bases. Contact us for more details.