It starts from the ground up, or in this case, the floor up!  No matter your style, no matter your taste, Dickie Tile can install what’s just right for you!  Tile, natural stone, laminate or wood, we install it all. Big, small, dark, light or bright, you can have it all. Our floors are versatile and durable. We take the time to make sure you get what you want because you’re going to have it for a LONG TIME!
Dickie Tile floors can be installed in any room in the house. Tile & laminate are the most cost effective flooring for your home. Tile will not stain, scratch, fade or burn, and is hypoallergenic. Laminate is highly resistant to staining, scratching, or fading, and is also hypoallergenic.
Of course, quality flooring wouldn’t be complete without the heated floor element. Dickie Tile is rare in saying that we install heated floors! Ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, marble or laminate floors can be installed as a heated floor! Never again should you step out onto a cold floor from the comfort of your warm bed or shower!
Dickie Tile offers a variety of flooring layouts including: straight, diagonal, brick, Figaro, etc. and can insert tile rugs, dots, medallions, etc.