Engineered Wood & Laminate has been around for decades, but in recent years it has exploded with popularity. Laminate floors come in a wide variety and are exceptionally durable. They are hypoallergenic and easy to clean. If that isn’t enough, there are even more attractive features to laminate including its price!
These floors are made with a wear resistant layer. Like tile, it does not fade from sun exposure. It is impact and scratch resistant. It is resilient to stains and simply needs dusting or cleaning with a damp cloth. It does not absorb dirt and has a natural resistance to the growth of mold and bacteria, making it hypoallergenic.
Not only is engineered wood & laminate friendly to you and the air you breath, but it is also friendly to the environment! It allows you to have the look of any tree without destroying rare, exotic or endangered species. If that wasn’t cool enough, it can also be heated! Install a heated floor and keep your feet warm wherever you walk.
Now you can have the look of real wood floors starting at half the price of hardwood floors! Engineered Wood or Laminate can last 5 – 20 years depending on the quality, and in the flooring business, you get what you pay for.
Dickie Tile can also offer real wood installation on a special basis. Please contact us directly with hardwood inquires.
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