Architects and designers use natural stone & marble to make classic, elegant, and even bold statements expressing the artistic side of their work. From ancient architects to modern designers, stones and marbles have been both popular and versatile in every area of building. They come in many colors of the rainbow, as well as black and white and a variety of neutrals! Every piece is unique, since every piece was fashioned from the earth. With different textures and levels of durability, you can make your home timelessly stylish.
Natural Stones are a versatile fit for your home or business. It can be installed in every area of your home. Due to its various degrees of hardness, it can withstand foot traffic indoors and outdoors, enclose bathroom showers and tubs, decorate walls & kitchen backsplashes, or be incorporated into other building designs. With its rustic characteristics, it compliments antique & old-fashioned motifs.
Marble is “top in class” in both elegance and sophistication. With a variety of minerals and deposits, marble comes in several shades of the color spectrum, and displays natural designs and spectacular veining. With proper care, marble can last a lifetime making it ideal for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom showers, tub enclosures or other wall designs. 
Whether Dickie Tile is building or rebuilding, natural stone and marble come in plenty of shapes and sizes to include your personal taste in your designs.
You’ll also be happy to know that maintenance is minimal. Make sure to have all natural stone or marble sealed upon installations and repeat annually as needed. To clean, you only need to sweep & mop or wipe with a warm damp cloth and neutral cleaners.